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Bringing Boston into the Studio

Updated: Apr 9

Ever since I was fortunate enough to acquire a studio space, I had been running into this problem: what should I paint today?

As someone who has become a habitual urban sketcher--I draw whatever is around me-- this felt almost insurmountable. Sure still life paintings are great, but that requires a library of interesting objects, planning ahead and getting fruit, colored paper/fabric as a background, figuring out lighting... and it just wasn't interesting enough to me.

So what to do. If only I was better at plein air painting, or I could set up my easel in a cafe, the same kind of place I love to take out my sketchbook.

Finally, after a few months--I mean how did it take me so long?--the lightbulb moment: Bring the place inside. The same way I find whatever catches my eye while I'm having a coffee or a beer, I could bring into the studio. But I'm the kind of person who always forgets to take pictures. And so then the #PaintBoston idea truly emerged: encourage others to share those moments where something strikes you, and you have to record it.

Now I am about a month into this challenge I've created for myself, this adventure of painting things that others find beauty in. And I love it. For me, art has always been a highly communicative practice, where I can use a drawing or painting to literally illustrate things that excite me. I'm thrilled I've found a way to broaden this communication.

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