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Settling into the Studio: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Updated: Apr 9

Welcome! Finally, here is a pic of my studio! I rented this space in part so I could work on larger projects, and that hasn’t really been the case yet. It is imposing to sit in front of a canvas nearly 3x4 feet large! Still, the studio as a space to keep supplies organized, have a designated work space, and get me painting daily, has been a great success. Ok maybe I don’t get here quite daily, but it’s close, and I have made much more work than if I were still setting up my easel in my room.

I am set up in a shared space with other makers, and it is pretty neat to be surrounded by so much creating. There are countless opportunities for learning new media, trades, and machines, but I am trying for now to stay somewhat focused on my painting practice. It’s going ok so far. But the jewelry shop is right by the entrance and wow do I want to try that someday!

So that’s a lot of the good. The bad is that because I am making more, I am also making more bad paintings (observe attempted air plant reflection in top left--the green and purple blob). Some days it’s a result of experimenting, other days from a badly started canvas. It’s tough to get through those. I am sure that everything I am doing, I am learning from, but it does feel like when I don’t paint for a while, or when I paint because there is a subject I just have to put on canvas, the work is more likely to be a success. And how often does one have something that is just desperate to be painted? Eh. Every now and then. My new tactic is printing photos I’ve been gathering of things that catch my eye, and that’s starting to help.

Maybe next post I’ll put up an example of ~the ugly~.

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