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Snow Chapbook - $12

This short story, written by Emma R. Collins, is available through Eggtooth Editions. Emma very kindly asked me to design the cover, and I happily agreed! By purchasing this, you get two artists in one book. I mean, the excerpt below ought to be enough to convince you!

A wolf.

I snuck my way downstairs and out to the back, but I stopped at the screen door. I was shivering, even though the air was still warm and the crickets still chirped. I held my breath waiting for it.

The long, ghostly sound rose and wailed, and then faded away. It made my body feel cold. I put my hands on the screen door and I remember slowly, quietly, pushing it open. I walked down the couple of steps and onto the hard-packed earth of the back yard. I scrunched my toes under, shivering.

The Little Things

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The Little Things
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